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If you are highly concerned about SEO and Security then it is important to keep an eye on links.
The Junction takes care of all the external links on your site.

Links to cross-origin destinations are unsafe


When you open another page using target="_blank", the other page may run on the same process as your page, unless Site Isolation is enabled. If the other page is running a lot of JavaScript, your page's performance may also suffer. Junction plugin allows forcing all outbound links on your site to be opened in a new tab and ensures it runs in a separate process. You don’t have to write target="_blank" and rel="noopener" manually.


The other page can access your window object with the window.opener property. This exposes an attack surface because the other page can potentially redirect your page to a malicious URL. Seriously. You put external links to another site, and when your users click on it, they will be redirected to dark places.

It’s unbelievable to be true. See what Google says about this problem.

When you use target="_blank", always add rel="noopener" or rel="noreferrer".

The Junction is an External Links Controller plugin for WordPress. The plugin will control that external links on your site open in a new tab, and also fix security risks related to this. It will process only external links. If any attributes (target, rel) are set for the link, the plugin will not change them. Thus, you always have complete control over your site and outbound links.

Don't forget about SEO.

Outbound Links are still Matter For SEO in 2020

Top SEOs believe that external links are the most important source of ranking power.
Search engine ranking factor survey data has shown that getting external links is the single most important objective for attaining high rankings. This stems from the idea that external links are one of the hardest metrics to manipulate and thus, one of the best ways for search engines to determine the popularity of a given web page.

The two kinds of outbound links are: nofollow and dofollow. This is usually defined by simply putting rel="nofollow" into the HTML of the link.
rel="nofollow" tells search engines not to follow links and do not associate your site with the linked page.
rel="dofollow" links pass on ranking power from your website to the targeted page. Be careful with this attribute, it is better to set this parameter manually individually for each link.

The Junction plugin allows controlling nofollow/dofollow on external links. You work with links as before. In your favorite editor: Elementor, Gutenberg or anything else. Set the links parameters according to your plan. And the Junction will make sure that you don’t miss anything and will insure with security. It will intervene only when finds a potential problem. Whether it's a human error or a problem in a third-party plugin.
All external links are under control.

Great works with all Themes and Any Frameworks

Junction WordPress Plugin is completely compatible with all WordPress themes. Most popular of them Avada, Jupiter, BeTheme, The7, Flatsome, Enfold, Bridge, Newspaper, Salient, Total, X Theme, Kalium, and many other WordPress Themes.

The Junction works perfectly with all major WordPress frameworks: Genesis, Divi, Themify, Warp 7, Ultimatum, Beans, Unyson, Gantry and many other’s.

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Fully Cross-Browser Support

Our team is the making sure that the Junction plugin for WordPress work across all of web browsers. We tested our plugin on pre-release versions of browsers.

We have worked hard to make the extension work perfectly on all the browsers available.

Cross-browser compatible Junction plugin for WordPress will be stable in any version of a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer ) – in all browsers, visitors will get an incredible experience when navigating through the site.

Zero dependency:
No JavaScript or CSS

The plugin works on the server-side. Very fast and quiet. Your site’s speed will not be affected. Moreover, no external link will elude it. Performance - that's what really matters.

Let's Protect Your Cool Site!

Customization, Assignments and other Settings

The Junction plugin for WordPress is flexible and easily customizable, allowing you to change parameters in a few clicks.

By default, plugin process all external links and add target="_blank" and
rel="nofollow noopener" attributes to them.
If any attributes are set for the link, the plugin will not change them unless you have enabled the “Overwrite” option.

The following is a screenshot of plugin settings and explaining each option.

Junction Settings
Junction — Plugin Settings

Open in New Tabs: Because outbound links deliberately send people away from your site. Select “Enable + Overwrite” option to overwrite existing values and add target="_blank" attribute to them.

Follow: rel="nofollow" tells search engines not to follow links
and do not associate your site with the linked page. Select “No-Follow + Overwrite” or “Follow + Overwrite” options
to overwrite existing values.

Opener: rel="noopener" prevents the new page from being able to access the window.opener property
and ensures it runs in a separate process.

Referrer: Prevents the browser from sending the “Referer” header,
enhancing user privacy and security when navigating to a new page.

External: The rel="external" attribute is used to indicate that a link
points to an external resource or website.

Sponsored: The rel="sponsored" attribute is used to indicate that a link on a webpage
has been sponsored or paid for in some way.

User Generated: The rel="ugc" attribute is used to indicate that user-generated content
is associated with a link on a webpage.

Skip Links: Allows skipping some links, for example, to the domains of your partners.
Enter (part of) the URLs to match. Use a new line for each different match.

Easy to use: Install & Go

Plugins indeed are one of the key things that make WordPress adorable, and you shouldn’t avoid new plugins. The easiest way to install a WordPress plugin is directly from the admin area.

  • Log in to your WP admin area and go to Plugins > Add New
  • Select the plugin archive and click Install Now.
  • The plugin will be installed shortly. When the installation is complete you need to activate the plugin by clicking the “Activate Plugin” link.

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2.0.1 (29 December 2023)

  • added
    Added "42Theme Plugins" on Add Plugins page
  • fixed
    Resolved AJAX request failures caused by concurrent use of multiple 42Theme plugins
  • changed
    Improved WordPress 6.4 compatibility
  • changed
    Improved Code Quality
  • changed
    Updated Master Plugin Framework

2.0.0 (21 October 2023)

  • added
    New Admin Interface
  • added
    New Demo
  • added
    Added Uninstall Options
  • added
    Added Multisite Support
  • changed
    Moved a Development Process to SAAS
  • changed
    Dramatically Improved Performance
  • changed
    Improved Code Quality
  • fixed
    Fixed issue with empty rel attribute.

1.0.2 (31 January 2020)

  • fixed
    Fixed load_plugin_textdomain bug.

1.0.1 (29 January 2020)

  • changed
    Updated language files

1.0.0 (26 January 2020)

  • added
    Initial release

Junction Demo

Link to External Site which demonstrates the vulnerability: Click Me

Link protected by Junction: I'm safe